Grigor Arshakyan met polish armenologist Jakub Oshetsky

Director of “National archives of Armenia” Grigor Arshakyan on September 23 met a representative of the research center of Armenian culture in Poland, polish historian, armenologist Jakub Oshetsky.

Interlocutors talked about the importance of the Armenian community in Poland, about the state interest to Armenians, partly on the special resolution “On the 650th anniversary of granting privileges to the Polish Armenians by King Casimir the Great” which was adopted by the polish Sejm in 2017.  They also mentioned the cooperation in the fields of culture, science, and education between the two republics. In this context, Jakub Oshetsky pointed that cooperation between the national archives of Armenia and the research center of Armenian culture in Poland started in 2019.

Grigor Arshakyan, highly appreciated foreign scientist’s significant contribution of in the field of Armenology, and expressed readiness to support the research center for Armenian Culture in Poland.

Within the frames of cooperation intended to sign a memorandum between the National archives of Armenia, the state archives of Poland, and the research center for Armenian Culture in Poland.

It is reciprocally underlined the importance of joint researches and organizing events on the 30th anniversary of establishing Armenian-Polish diplomatic relations and exchanging experiences through mutual visits.

Armenian culture research center in Poland was set at Jagiellonian University in Krakow in 2019. It was founded and sponsored by the Ministry of since of Poland and it is one of the structural departments of the Academy of Arts and since of Poland.

The main focus of the center’s programs is researches of history and archival files of Polish Armenians and the distribution of its results.