National archives of Armenia and Haigazian University of Beirut will cooperate

Director of SNPO “National archives of Armenia” Grigor Arshakyan met the President of Haigazian University in Beirut Rev. Paul Haidostian.

They have decided to launch multifaceted cooperation, according to which individuals and organizations from the Middle East, who want to transfer materials to the National archive of Armenia, can do it through Haigazian University.

Between the director of the national archives of Armenia and president of Haigazian University was reached an agreement to organize a conference on cataloging, digitization, accessibility, and providing security for the materials of the Middle East concerning to Armenia.

Another conference-exhibition will be organized on the 30th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Armenia and Lebanon.

The sides made arrangements on visiting Haigazian students at the National archives of Armenia for exchanging experiences, on publishing the articles of archive employees in the Haigazian Journal of Armenology and publishing miscellany of documents on Lebanese Armenians. The employees of the National archives of Armenia will visit Haigazian University to study archival materials.