Exhibition dedicated to the history of Khndzoresk village

Exhibition dedicated to the history of Khndzoresk village

Based on the agreement signed between the Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, Culture the RA, and the National Archives of Armenia, within the framework of the “Organization of exhibitions: History of 19-20th Centuries of villages of the RA” program, the National Archives of Armenia presented a display of documents reflecting the history and culture of the village in the border village of Khndzoresk, Syunik region.

The opening of the exhibition took place on July 1, 2021, at the Khndzoresk House of Culture. Employees of municipalities, school teachers and students, representatives of province administrations, and villagers took part in the opening of the exhibitions.

Through archival documents on the history of Khndzoresk village of the 19th-20th century, information on the foundation of the village, the population, churches, schools, and historical and cultural monuments were presented. The presented documents referred to local lands, pastures, church lands, the opening of schools and colleges in the village, educational issues, reopening of churches, renovation, ordination of priests, historical and cultural monuments: churches, old cemeteries, chapels, khachkars, construction of a power plant and water supply in different periods per population and its household, parish lists, census data, lists of resettled migrants were presented.

The exhibition had an educational and informative nature. The aim was to present the rich historical and cultural heritage of Khndzoresk village in the Syunik province, popularize the local history, culture, and to strengthen the patriotism and national self-consciousness of the population, especially among the youth.

The exhibits were donated to the village which would be placed in the Khndzoresk village house of culture for later visits and events dedicated to the village’s history.