The National Archives of Armenia organizes educational visits

The National Archives of Armenia organizes educational visits


The National Archives of Armenia organizes educational visits for students and high school students, the purpose of which is to present and familiarize themselves with the work of the Archives and its rich collections.

In the conditions of rapid processes of globalization, instilling and spreading national values ​​among the youth is getting more important. The National Archives of Armenia is a part of that process; a century-old institution with stored huge archival values ​​ that are an inseparable part of world civilization. Carrying out the replenishment, accounting, preservation, and use of the archival collection of Armenia and providing services in the field of archival science on behalf of the Republic of Armenia, the National Archive of Armenia is the most important source of documents; an exceptional value, an unsurpassed cradle of national identity, historical and cultural heritage, preservation and transmission of historical memory. Many documents related to the history of our country, important historical events, and life and activities of individuals are preserved here, some of which are considered particularly valuable (the documents of the RA government, the First Republic of Armenia, the Armenian National Delegation, the Enlightenment Synod of Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, the Diwan of the Catholicos of All Armenians, Andranik Ozanian, Komitas, Ivan Aivazovsky, and other archival collections).

During the educational visits, young people will not only get to know this rich archival heritage but will also have the opportunity to compile their genealogy and become a witness of unique archival collections and a participant in interesting archival work.

To arrange the day and time of the visit, you can call 010-26-87-97 or write to an email address –