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Dear friend,

I warmly welcome you to the website of the National Archives of Armenia and thank you for your interest in our activities.

As a database of the most important state documents, and a body that carries and preserves the memory of the state, we are determined to make the Archive more accessible for you.

We will introduce modern electronic tools for simplifying and facilitating the provision of archival services. Thanks to the electronic resources you will be able to use our services remotely without visiting the Archive.

The National Archives of Armenia is also active in scientific and cultural activities. Collections and acquisitions of documents are regularly published that, as written evidence, cover controversial issues with all accuracy or reveal historical facts and events. We will continue to popularize archival documents through these publications, as well as through exhibitions, website publications, and remote TV and radio programs, seeking to make them accessible and recognizable to you.

Dear friend, the National Archive of Armenia is open to cooperation both with state structures and organizations, as well as with each of you.