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All documents stored in the archive are accessible to users, except for documents that spread information on personal or family secrets and are not sufficiently protected.

The use of documents of personal origin, or parties and non-governmental organizations may be restricted by the order of the originators of those documents.

The materials of the films kept in the archives of “Armenfilm” film studio cannot be used for commercial purposes.


Working conditions of researchers

There are three reading halls in the Archive: the main building (Hr. Kochar 5), the second building (Marshal Baghramyan 59 “C”), and the branch of Cinema-Photo-Phono-Documents (Tbilisi Highway, 25 “A”).


Reading halls work:

1000 – 1630 Monday-Friday

Researchers’ orders are processed within the next business day, based on applications.

Up to 20 orders per day are allowed.


Information and search tools

Some of the fund lists are stored in reading halls and can be used without prior order.

News about information and search tools are posted in the relevant section of this site.


Scientific library

The library of the National Archives has a thousand pieces of historical, encyclopedic, and other literature, and 410 units of magazines.

In the 2nd building of the Archive there is a rich collection of the press in Armenian and Russian languages.

Readers are given books, magazines, and newspapers if they are not available in the national and scientific libraries.



Copying of documents for commercial purposes is carried out based on a contract.

The staff of the Archive provides scientific and consulting assistance to the researchers.